REN Portugal X Météorage
How METEORAGE helps REN Portugal to mitigate the lightning risk in High Voltage Grid operations?

REN Portugal x Météorage: Customer Case

"Since 2003, Rede Eléctrica Nacional (REN) uses real time lighting information as it has an important and critical role for High Voltage Grid operation.

Before and/or during grid maintenance operations, REN operator decides to validate or cancel planned operations if storm is approaching work area.

For areas where lighting is observed, REN uses N-2 security criteria at towers supporting 2 circuits as risk of having a fault that could affect both circuits will be maximum.

A risk application is being developed in order to calculate fault probability for each line.

We are using METEORAGE realtime information for this pilot application.

For backoffice analysis of each High Voltage fault of Portuguese grid, we do an offline study using METEORAGE service that allows to clearly and rigorously identify electrical power grid faults.

Lightning detection METEORAGE Service has low error margin which improves the quality of the data collected.

Fault analysis is now much quicker and accurate! "

REN Eléctrica SA
Gestão do Sistema

REN, Redes Energéticas Nacionais, manages Portugal´s electricity and gas transmission networking.


REN operates in 2 major business areas:

• the transmission in very high voltage electricity and overall technical management of the National Electricity System;

• the transport of high-pressure natural gas and overall technical management of the National Natural Gas System, guaranteeing the reception, storage and regasification of LNG and underground storage of natural gas.

As a result of the country's commitment to renewable energy, the Portuguese government granted REN the concession to operate a pilot area for generating electricity from sea waves to Enondas - Energia das Ondas. S.A., which is 100% owned by REN.


For further information about REN, visit their website here.