camping foudre
Advice for avoiding storm-related danger

Whether you are outdoors on a hike, or climbing a mountain, or camping somewhere, the non-exhaustive list of pointers below should ensure you adopt the correct behaviour in the event of a storm:

Refrain from :
  • seeking refuge under a tree or in a natural shelter (such as a cave)
  • outdoor activities: cycling, horse-riding, playgrounds, aquatic activities
  • any contact with electrical devices and metal objects (umbrellas, golf clubs, water pipes, etc.)
  • using a landline telephone
  • getting close to rocky ridges, if in a mountainous area
Try to :
  • take shelter in an enclosed building, or, failing that, in a car
  • crouch down with your feet together knees brought up to your chest, if there is no shelter available
  • if on a boat, connect the metal mast of the boat to the hull (if it is made of metal) or to a metal chain dangled into the water