The Canadian company Boralex develops, constructs, operates and maintains renewable energy production sites. Boralex is a leader on the Canadian market and the leading independent player in onshore wind energy in France.

Météorage’s Lightning Remote Counter service enables Boralex to manage storm and lightning risk on its wind farms, saving time, increasing productivity and optimising maintenance operations among other benefits.



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Tesicnor, a Spanish company specialising in occupational risk prevention, is our service distributor in Spain, mainly in the wind energy market.

« The Météorage service offering complements our own very closely, as we specialise in occupational risk prevention. […]. We have been distributing Météorage's services in Spain since 2015 and are currently taking our first steps in the Indian market. Our partnership with Météorage is based on trust, closeness and sharing, and we value it highly. It allows us to develop solutions tailored to specific needs, especially for the assessment of lightning risk. As a result, our customers are able to implement targeted prevention measures, give their teams and their machinery the best possible protection and optimise their productivity by avoiding unnecessary shutdowns. In addition, the implementation of Météorage solutions is very quick and easy, taking from three days to two weeks depending on the project.’»